The Hunt for Chic is dedicated to all things chic in all their manifestations, from fashion to interior design to beauty.

What is chic?
Chic is a lifestyle, a state of mind. Chic is clean, current, classy, sharp. The woman who leads a chic life is more than just a Fashionista. There's nothing monotonous or superficial about her life. From home design to her personal style, everything about her tells her story.


 When I was a kid, my parents had a large walk-in closet. Of all the rooms in the house this was my favorite place to play. It was all a little girl needed— the perfect hiding place, heaps of fabric to get lost in, and all my mom’s clothes at my disposal to play dress-up whenever I wanted. As an adult, my own wardrobe is substantially smaller. But in my view, it encourages me to be selective. To make it on Jay Bijou’s Clothing Rack, an item has to be 100% Me. I always ask myself three questions:

  1. Does this item have the right proportions for my body?
  2. Does it speak to who I am and how I want to be perceived?
  3. Is it worth the price? (Can I mix and match it with other garments? or Is it perfect for special occasions?)
If I want to challenge my creativity I give myself a bonus question:
Does this item resonate with something that inspires me? For example, with a classic LBD you could be referencing Audrey Hepburn, or a jacket with sharp angles could make you feel as daring as Grace Jones.

Here at The Hunt for Chic, it’s never about what’s only on the outside. The chic woman longs to be more than just another fashion drone. She needs things of significance to be fulfilled, not things to feel significant.

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