Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shoe Profile

After graduating with an English Literature degree, I've found ways to make meaning out of the tiniest, everyday things. This habit could be a pain, but I use it to keep my life from seeming boring at times.
I'm officially starting my new job, so with the last paycheck from my old job I decided to do a little retail therapy. The things I bought with this last paycheck will always be The Things I Earned With My First Real Job Out of College. For some reason, these Things include a series of shoes. Three of my favorites are shown below:



I have been dedicating my summer expeditions to finding things to pair with these shoes. They all resonate with me for different reasons. The black pumps are my classics. They fit in any formal setting, or any casual venue where I want to stand out. They are like my go-to’s because you can't go wrong. But I can't wear them all the time— they would make me feel like I have no imagination. My other choices are meant to shake things up a bit. When I saw the white boots, I wanted them because of the in-your-face contradiction. They seem so utilitarian, but the crochet makes no sense— it lets the breeze right through. The grey suede boots are an oddity as well. They are a bit masculine, so I always try to pair them with more feminine elements.

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