Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Motivation: Mix it up!

The best way to combat Monday Blues: add color! Bold prints are to be embraced in all their forms this fall, from tried-and-true plaid (top right corner), to a new take on animal print (bottom left corner). When your mood is down and you need to uplift your spirits, dress the part! If you read this post to late, after you've already dressed yourself and left the house, use it to look forward to next Monday.
Have a great week!

Find 'em here: 1. Spaghetti-strap dress   2. Maxi dress  3. Earth tone dress   4. Crossover blouse
5. Zig-zag shoe   6. Missoni trousers  7. Animal-print ombre dress   8. Shades of brown pants
9. Tribal print coat   10. Maxi skirt.

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