Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Midweek Moodboard: Animal Textures Continued

I have become quite fond of clothing inspired by animal print/fur this season. I want to note that I do have a love and respect for animals, but I've noticed that their fur/skin looks fierce on me as well (just do everything in moderation and embrace faux options). Last week's moodboard focused on trendy items, but this week is inspired by the autumn season. Trends are fun, but functional items that look amazing are a win-win. Fur is prominent this season in all its forms, and cozy West Coast 1970's influences are popping up in quite a few editorials. In short, warm animal textures are all over right now, including below:

You can find these items here: 1.Aplaca-blend sweater, 2.Fur and suede boot, 3.Faux-fur jacket, 4.Two-tone jacket, 5.Shearling vest.

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