Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Motivation: Back to School

It’s time for a little review session. What’s the difference between a Fashionista and a Stylista? Answer: Fashionistas are people who follow fashion. They always showcase trendy items they’ve collected to let everyone know they are en vogue. The Stylista takes note of the trends, but always stays true to own aesthetic. Stylistas pick and choose from the fashion of the day, incorporating their own personalities into every outfit.
Now that we’ve had a review, we can put our lesson into practice. There’s no topic as timely as the ever-so-cyclical ‘back to school’ theme. I urge you to pick and choose pieces that speak to your own personal style and make them work for you. Good luck!

Get started on your back to school style with some of the hottest trends this fall: 1) loafer heels, 2)black and white button down, 3) tortoise shell frames, 4) midi-skirt, 5) trousers, 6) cheetah print slippers, 7) snakeskin clutch, 8) elbow patch crew sweater, 9) Missoni sweater, 10) faux fur coat.

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